About us:
Discouraged Records was started in Piteå, 2005 by Kristoffer Bäckström. The idea was to support the local underground scene in the very northern part of Sweden (norra norrland) since so many great bands was around but never "got out there". First up was a compliation CD released in 2005 called The Northern Conspiracy Volume 1 with bands from Skellefteå, Piteå and Luleå. The compliation showed a awesome mixture of bands such as Smackdown, Totalt Jävla Mörker, Randy, Borg 64, Knife and Ape, Re Vera, the Pookie Syndrome. All bands within the current hardcore/punk scene. Since then the label has moved to Umeå, started a Distro and is now runned through a non profit culture organisation (Moloken Media Imperium). The basic concept with a strong DIY foundation to help the underground scene in the distant north is very much alive still today, and the label works as coordinator helping bands with distribution, advertisment, bookings, pressmanegment and what not.

Label & Booking Inquiries

Wholesale & Trades
Labels & distributors, feel free to contact us regarding these matters. Wholesale is very welcome, but don't be suprised if we turn down your trade exchange offer since it makes no sense getting stuff that we can't sell. 

Sound Pollution (Europe)

Friends & Inspiration
Borglab Studio (mixing & mastring)
Do you Dream of Noise! (label/distro)
Trust No One Recordings
Blackstar Foundation
Powernegi Records